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Richard A. Cheatham Bio

Dick Cheatham is a leadership consultant and educator, a professional speaker and historian. With a passion for making important lessons from History interesting and relevant for us today, he speaks to all sorts of audiences from business executives and Congressional staff members to families and students of all ages. He has always been fascinated by “why people do what they do” and sees History as the perfect laboratory for investigating this intriguing and important question.

His memorable presentations, often spellbinding portrayals of people from America’s past, are designed not only to entertain but also to provoke reflection upon the application of History’s enduring lessons to our contemporary challenges. His character portrayals as Pocahontas’ husband
John Rolfe, Richard Henry Lee, Captain Meriwether Lewis, President John Tyler, Captain Richard Manson, Botanist John Clayton, Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr., Colonel J. T. L. Preston (founder of Virginia Military Institute) and others demonstrate that classic leadership and motivational lessons are as valuable today as they ever were.

His thought-provoking presentations reveal classic and unchanging human nature as revealed throughout History, our best resource for understanding paths that lead to success and failure, happiness and prosperity or sadness and loss. History, after all, is everything that happened before you read this.

He is a graduate of Virginia Military Institute, one of America’s top schools of leadership, and is a consultant in what he calls “Citizen Leadership.” He was a professional television journalist for years and was later a syndicated weekly newspaper columnist.

In addition to thousands of presentations to all sorts of groups throughout this country and internationally over the past several decades, he has appeared on the BBC, PBS and The Learning Channel. He was featured on
Entertainment Tonight with John Tesh and Mel Gibson and on the Voice of America as well as in numerous newspaper and magazine articles around the country.

Dick travels from Richmond, Virginia. Testimonials from clients are available upon request.

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